The Glorious Tale Of Travi$ Scott

As told by Matthew Bloomer


This is the glorious tale of how I discovered one of my favorite artists in music today. I gotta say how proud I am of Jacques Webster. We kids call him Travi$ Scott. 


I was peddling around when I got out of school one day and came across a music video called “Travi$ Scott - Lights (Love Sick)”. After I finished the glittery, flashy, Hype-Williams-inspired flick, I searched his name on the Illroots search tab and right before my eyes, a new world was discovered. “16 Chapels” was the first downloadable piece I unearthed. A very cloudy, misty track that instantly made me think that Kid Cudi was featured on it. Soon I realized that it was Travi$ himself! I was already a full fledged Kid Cudi stan at the time and Travi$ flew into my world at a perfect time. His surfer dude type accent on the track was super refreshing! I loved the way he was delivering his lyrics to my ears. Something had happened. Once I found out that he was a fellow believer in the almighty Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi), that created our bond and I was instantly a Travi$ Scott XX fanatic.


“I Can’t Wait Just To Shit On You!”


Weeks passed and I already exhausted all sources to new Travi$ material. I had collected “God Level”, “In The Night”, “XX”, “Animal”, “Up” and “16 Chapels” which all had broke the repeat record in my iTunes. No sign of a project on the horizon, until one fateful post on Illroots stating he was to release a project titled, “Owl Pharaoh”. My excitement exploded all over my twitter as I would annoyingly tweet: #OWLPHARAOH!!!!!! I’m positive I lost hundreds of followers those days. My patience challenged my excitement due to the long wait. I knew it was going to be worth it. Once the project dropped, it consumed my days and nights. I tried playing it around my friends, but they didn’t yet get the sound. It was shrugged off. Little did they know the star he would become. 


“Owl Pharaoh” holds a special place in my heart. It commences with Jacques dreaming of being in a forest left stranded by a group of country townsfolk, and retreating to get oral pleasure from a female. He is brutally brought back to his harsh reality with ferocious knocks on his door by his parents wanting him to leave his room, which seems to have been his place of peace and creation most like many young people. So Travi$ takes it to extreme measures and leaves the house entirely. From there on out he chooses to rebel on “Bad Mood // Shit On You” as he goes his own path and proclaims that he is of a generation that doesn’t give a fuck about the rules set for us by the older generation. On the second half, Shit On You, we find a spiteful and emotional Travi$ as he says “[He] can’t wait just to shit on you.” Meaning that he will gain success as revenge for his hometown naysayers and haters. This has to be my favorite Travi$ track because we all have the “Kill ‘Em With Success” mantra in one way or another. Super relatable. Travi$, continues to rampage through the project with “Upper Echelon” declaring how high he is in life and literally in a euphoric high from weed, lean, and a cocktail of xans and bandids. On the surface you would think he is just a druggy teen blowing all his hard earned wealth on drugs and girls, but he could be escaping his hectic reality with these drugs of choice so he can stay sane. However, life has to be good if you drop out of college, get signed, and buy your mom a house all in the same year as he states in the song, but there could be deeper problems. He continues his crazy, rockstar lifestyle with “Uptown”. With a borrow from Kanye’s “Monster” hook, Travi$ refers to himself as a monster, a young guy with cash to spend, weed to smoke, and up to no good. As the tape progresses, Travis is dealing with his fame and remembering what life used to be like back in Texas when he would just drive around town and dream of the life he desired. This is a very important track to consider in deciphering the mystery that is LaFlame. Before the fame he was just a kid driving around and dreaming of a life better than the one he currently had. An escape. Escaping and running away was a repeated theme that I picked up on throughout the project and heavily on “MIA”. One thing Travi$ couldn’t run from is his fate to become a star which is what he initiated on “Shit On You”. Full circle.


“Keep Ya Head, My Nigga. Niggas Gon’ Be Billionaires, My Nigga. Fuck How Much Time That Shit Might Take. Niggas Aint Playing With Him!”


Months passed and Travi$ was conquering the music world with production and feature credits on heavy weight projects like G.O.O.D. Music’s “Cruel Summer”, Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta”, and Kanye’s prolific “Yeezus”. I was itching for a new project from Travi$ and I wondered what his next move was. Then in the month of August 2014, Days Before Rodeo arrived. It was unpronounced and comfortably spontaneous. The 12-track project started with a Candyman haunting sample produced by Wonda Gurl that delves into the success Travi$ has had, but he’s still not satisfied. He prays for more and so he shall receive. This project was somewhat of a prelude to what was to come with Rodeo. The last days before the big Rodeo, so why not show where he’s at mentally before the big show? Travi$ covers an ass load of subject matter such as: Mamacitas in his city of Houston, TX, Finessing and how he can’t go a day without doing it on Quintana Pt. 2, Drug experimentation on “Drugs You Should Try”, Staying driven on “Don’t Play”, Rebelling and creating his own lean-covered path on “Skyfall”, Raging with the youth on “Zombies”, girls that give excellent oral sex, partying, his come up of making it out of Texas with music, and how some of the Houston youth have failed due to their mistakes in street life.


Days Before Rodeo never got old to me. It still hasn’t. What a refreshing piece of audio therapy. It was something I needed to solve my problems and something to get me in a great mood. I can’t explian it. Travi$ is the voice of our generation. Now with it being literally 5 days before “Rodeo” the album drops, I’m facing his two catalogs of music and how much he has grown (Literally in the fact of his braids). His dedication to consistently providing quality content without disappointment. With every auto-tuned, silvery “straight up” ad-lib , I will continue to follow Travi$ on his journey. Seems that Kanye really can pick his Scotts.